Trooper Kevin Holt

Trooper Kevin Holt

born in Henry County, VA currently resides in Prince George County, VA

Senior Trooper Kevin Holt has served the Commonwealth as a Virginia State Trooper for over 20 years. As a husband and father of two sons, he truly lives his life based on Godly principles that he hopes and prays his sons will embrace and mold their lives after. Those Godly principles include putting God first, trusting in His help, resting in His love and living in such a way as others will seek His presence in their lives. My husband is faithful to lead our family in nightly ‘Family Devotion Time’. He dedicates his time to supporting our church and aiding the mission field, all in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Kevin truly strives to keep God at the foremost and center of our lives. The duties he carries out as a State Trooper, a father and a husband, reflect his dedication and his commitment to serving the Lord. His Godly character reflects the character and values of a true ‘American Patriot’.

Nominated By Shawn Holt

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