Tim Whitehead

Tim Whitehead

Puyallup, Washington

Dad has been the greatest source of Biblical Truth aside from the Gospel in my life and has touched so many with his unwavering devotion to the truth. A former military man, current part-time pastor, full-time Bible Teacher, Husband, Father and Grandfather, he has embodied what it means to live like Christ and has set an example that I wish so many more people could see. Together with my beautiful mother, he’s spent his life thus far in the service of Christ, being a pastor, teaching and sacrificing all for the cause of Christ. I love my father deeply and thank God every day for his devotion to God and those around him, near and far, especially to me. I know Dad will keep telling everyone around him about the message of Christ and will do so until the Lord calls him home. Dad, if I have the chance of serving the Lord as a pastor or any other kind of service to the King, I pray that I will be able to do so with the same devotion and commitment that you’ve modeled to me and with the same effectiveness the Lord gave you. Thanks for being my Dad. Psalm 103:11-13

Nominated By Timothy Whitehead, II

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