Master Sergeant David C Rogers III

Master Sergeant David C Rogers III

Harmony, Pennsylvania

David C Rogers is on his 5th deployment serving his country with the United States Army. He is now in Iraq and hasn't even been home for one year since returning from a long deployment in Afghanistan. He has served back to back deployments in Afghanistan within two years and then served a third tour there. He also served for two years in Korea. He has sacrificed so much time away from his family and spent the majority of that time in harms way. He's been awarded two bronze stars among many other medals. He works very hard and shows a great example for others to follow Christ. He's a true American Hero. Just this Christmas he dressed up like Santa Claus in Baghdad, handing out candy canes and bringing so much happiness to so many other soldiers who were missing the comforts of being home for Christmas. He helps to lead Bible studies in Iraq with his peers, too. He works hard to bring peace to the Iraqi people and no matter how rough the conditions are he never complains. When he's home he volunteers his time in his community as a Boy Scout leader and serves in many other areas of his community as well. He's the most generous person I know, and he's an inspiration to many. He is always thinking of others first and always puts himself last. He is a true Christian man full of honor and integrity and his spirit of courage is beyond admirable. He is the greatest American Patriot I know and it's an honor to be his friend.

Nominated By MJ Garcia

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